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2014-04-07, 21:14
I took the course the weekend of April 5-6, 2014 in Clarksville. I live in Nashville but the drive wasn't bad. I've wanted to learn to ride for a long time and didn't believe that I could learn how to in two days. By the end of the first four hours, everyone in the class was riding! Deb and Kevin were my instructors. They were knowledgeable, patient, and friendly, had positive attitudes and were as excited to be teaching as most of the students in the class were to be learning. They made certain that safety was a priority. They also took the time to answer questions, even subject matter that wasn't part of the course, and to thoroughly explain all techniques. The students in the class ranged from beginners with little to no experience, to experienced riders wanting to know more about proper technique. By the end of the 18 hours we spent together, everyone in the class felt confident. We all passed our tests and are prepared to hit the road! I highly recommend the course to anyone, it is money well spent and will give you the opportunity to meet new and experienced riders.
2014-04-07, 12:17
Took the Nashville class with Joe and Will. They were excellent instructors. Both were always encouraging and friendly, never discouraging at all. They made the various drills and exercises fun and enjoyable, while still making sure the students understand the practical reasons behind them. They also provided a great deal of insight from their own riding experiences in regards to safety in traffic, riding in groups, etc. I would highly recommend taking this course for anyone looking to get a motorcycle/scooter/etc. And Joe Michael and Will are both excellent instructors!
2014-04-02, 15:52
This was my first time riding and this course was the best decision I have made about motorcyles. The instructors: Jeff and Rick were excellent. They were very knowledgable, nice and informative. We had riders from all sorts of backgrounds, ages, etc and everyone felt comfortable. The class was very informative on practical skills along with strategies on how to be the safest rider you can be. Jeff and Rick gave us real world advice from their own personal experiences that were very beneficial. Great, great, great course and even better instructors. thanks guys.
2014-03-31, 00:26
I completed the beginner's course today. I have had nothing less than a wonderful experience from the time I placed a phone call to inquire about the class. I started with Dee who rendered nothing but excellence customer service. From there, I was even more fortunate! I have never driven a motorcycle until yesterday. Prior to, I have only been a passenger. Entering the class I was a little nervous yet excited. I believe I had the best instructors who met every one of my needs. My instructors were Candy and Larry. They were very informative about everything from riding gear, handling the motorcycles (safety, common riding situations including, but not limited to emergencies), controls, etc. I appreciated the patience they exercised as they explained and demonstrated the different activities throughout the class before having us do them. They didn't hesitate to take the necessary time to help anyone in need. In addition, I enjoyed the balance in my class because Candy and Larry made it a FUN learning environment. Because of them educating me by showing me and letting me walk through all the necessary steps to build my skill level; I now know how to safety drive a motorcycle. I will be recommending anyone who expresses an interest in learning to ride for this course. It was well worth the time and money! Thanks so much Dee, Candy and Larry for making my learning experience fun and memorable.
2014-03-30, 20:49
I took the class in Clarksville with Deb and Julius. They were AMAZING!The most patient, knowledgeable, and helpful instructors imaginable. I feel they were a blessing (picked just for me by my husband watching over me from above). Deb & Julius- you are wonderful people & great instructors! Thanks. I will definitely be signing up for more classes with you two.
Douglas Hooper
2014-03-17, 20:10
i did this course (brc) to get my endorsement on my DL. i got SO much more than i thought before. i am 50 yrs old and have had many motorcycles and been riding since i was 12 yrs old. i had a BLAST. i watched first time riders learn to ride, i learned something new in every exercize, or got better at what i did know. we had a diverse group of 11, men, women,old,young, experienced and brand new.. some how i feel connected to them all... i may not see them again but i will remember them, we took pics at graduation. this was one of my most funnest weekends ever (not kidding) and i got legit. this was so much fun, one could do it for fun, and not be sorry. i hope Candance (my c-1) is there when i take the next course.. be safe.. oh and my friends call me HoopDeville.
2014-03-10, 19:42
I took the basic course with Deb & John. These two know what they are doing. I learned so much from both and I am very thankful that I got such awesome rider coaches. Both of them boosted your confidence. I never heard a negative word come from either one of my coaches and that helps boost your mindset too. If you have a choice, pick Deb S. & John D., you won't regret it. Thank you both for all that you guys did for us!
Ken Firestone
2014-03-03, 10:16
Just completed the BRC course yesterday. Hadn't ridden in years (I'm 65) but I learned/relearned a lot. The most fun, even when I made mistakes, that I have had since moving to Tennessee 2 years ago! And, the James Family Team made it all possible.
2014-02-24, 12:06
I took the BRC in Nashville with TJ. The instruction was professional and fun. I walked away excited to ride ans very glad I took the course. Thanks TJ!
2014-01-30, 12:00
I took course in January. I was petrified to ride and wanted to conquer my fear. We had a small class of 6. It was the best time. Karl was a great instructor and so motivated and funny. We were motivated to learn and Karl let us ride. It was freezing but I layered up and had an amazing time. I am now addicted to riding and try to find every excuse to ride. I would recommend all the ladies to come out and take this course. We girls thinks we can't ride. Well I found the new absolute joy that I have been missing for years. Thank you. This course is amazing and gave me great skills to ride with.Thank you Kelly, and most of all thank you Karl.
RK Smith
2013-12-29, 18:15
Attended BRC Nashville 1 - 12-28-2013 although I live in Clarksville. Joe Michael was the instructor. Due to the size of the class in attendance, we only needed one instructor. Joe is passionate about instructing. His demeanour was consistent. You can see the level of knowledge in his breakdown of scenarios and concern for our safety during the hands-on portion of this training. He identified the task, condition, and standard by which you were to perform each maneuver. He constantly regurgitated former lessons learned in order to build our confidence with the instructions. Leading questions were used often which provided a learning environment for all instructed. Joe is a very good instructor! Joe was patient with all students. He was a mentor, a coach, a teacher, an instructor and a big brother to all those that were willing and able to be sponges. I would recommend this course to anyone wanting to enjoy life on a motorcycle. This MSF course was very instructional and enjoying.
Rick Slaughter
2013-12-28, 19:38
Wow, what a day! I met up with TJ for one on one training for my trike. I was very nervous at first but as soon as I started practicing the drills with TJ, everything fell into place. I learned a lot, but I also had fun. TJ is a great instructor. If you want someone to teach you how to ride (ANY BIKE) ask for TJ.
I also need to say HOW AWESOME Dee was in getting me set up for this appt. The folks at Mid TN Motorcycle are the BEST. Ride on....
2013-12-17, 06:43
RiderCoach T.J. was awesome. Personality, passion, professionalism, and patience; T.J. has it all! I highly recommend taking T.J.s class, and learn to ride the right way! Invaluable experience!
DeAnne & Richard
2013-11-24, 08:01
We took the class the weekend of November 16-17. Joe Michael was our instructor and he is VERY GOOD. He knows what he is dong and imparts that knowledge to you during the skill prep and actual skill practices. He is calm, cool and on your side. He wants you to succeed; however, he clearly lets you know it is your responsibility to take what he has taught and apply it. Fantastic instructor! We took our skills test in the pouring rain ... and we passed! During the classroom portion, we partnered with the Ladies only BRC and their instructor Candy Canderday. Candy is very down-to-earth and easy-going. I don't think you could go wrong with either instructor to be honest! For what it's worth, we went straight to the DMV the next day and got our motorcycle endorsements. Believe me, the price is worth the $$ spent! Thank you, Joe, for your patience, knowledge and skills! Thank you Candy for your help as well! Let's go ride!!!
Viola Adams
2013-10-22, 14:04
I want to thank Karl for excellent training, and for patience. I am a beginner and had never sat in the front on a motorcycle before. I'm 60 years old and was very nervous. Karl went over everything slowly made sure I understood. He gave me confidence I wasn't sure I had, so thank you so very much.
Wanda Savage
2013-09-19, 09:56
I have been wanting to learn how to ride a bike. Went to the all women's corse in Nashville. The 14th of Sept. I was nervous at first. Had a Great instructor, TJ Tennet. He assured me that there was nothing to stress about. I had fun. I learned how to ride my bike. Met great friends. It's an experience that I will never forget. Just want to thank God, and my coach for the confidence that was instilled in me.
Stephanie Reap
2013-09-03, 04:30
Took the BRC with my daughter-in-law this weekend in Clarksville. Had the privilege of having Joe Michael as our instructor. He took the time to explain and demonstrate all aspects of each exercise. His class was safe and as stress free as a person can possibly make it:). I will not say this was easy, for some it probably was, for me, not so much. Joe never gave up on me and took the extra time to make sure I understood what I was doing. The man truly has the patience of Job. I would recommend this course to anyone, even if you have experience. It was money VERY well spent. Both my daughter-in-law passed, so if a 56 year old gal can do this, so can you! Thank you Joe!!!!
2013-09-01, 14:02
This was the best decision I made in my pursuit to ride. I just finished today and was a fun and educating course. My instructor (Joe Michel) made the class fun while making sure we had the knowledge to quickly gain the skills to be a safe and responsible rider. I know I have a lot of practice to do before I hit the highways but now I have a great foundation of skills to build on.
Robert Alcaide
2013-08-26, 09:27
Last weekend, I had the best learning experience ever. Having TJ and Marissa as instructors couldn't have been any better. They were extremely fun and kind, and also were great at teaching us how to operate the motorcycles. I highly recommend scheduling a class with them.
2013-07-22, 14:14
Nashville's MSF is awesome!! My instructors were Will, Bob, and Joe Michael - each of them very personable and friendly. They won't let you walk through the course either - they want to make sure you understand all of the concepts, and will help you with any questions you might have. The MSF course is a smart $210 spent, and will prepare you for your first motorcycling experience.
2013-07-01, 17:56
I used to ride about 30 years ago. My new wife said no more. Well, after 30 years of marriage, then a divorce, I'm riding again! This course was excellent! I have been back on a bike for about 6 months. A lot of the old technique and knowledge came back quickly. This course, however, taught me what I was missing, and then some! The course taught me things I didn't know, as well as reminding me of things I forgot. I would recommend this course for all riders, especially those that have been off a bike for a while and are starting over.
carolyn cato
2013-06-30, 15:44
I just finished the class in Cookville, Tenn. The instructors were great !! If you are looking for a bird class think twice. I saw 4 riding coaches take people that had never ridden a bike before and turn them into riders not accomplished but well on their way. The coaches cared about our safety and making us safe for the people that we will be in contact with on the road. The motivational spirit as well as the spiritual aspect of the class was great. My helmet off to T.J and Hope. You have nerves of steel and a heart of a lion to do the job you do. Thank you for a great experience !!! safe riding to you all my head and eyes are always up! lol
2013-06-26, 11:14
I took the BRC this on June 22 and 23 at the Police Academy located on Leannon Rd.. The class was great, we had the pleasure to have 3 instructors to guide us through the course. It was the most fun and interesting class I have been to. TJ made sure everyone understood how to ride safely and made the class fun. He is very strict and will make sure that you learn as much as you can before he agrees that you are ready to be on the road. The instructors are very friendly and open to answer any questions that you have. I'm very bad at remembering names, but I do have to acknowldge the assitant coach riders, they were very helpful in assiting student during the class. I'm looking forward to take the advace riders course with TJ.
2013-06-22, 20:43
I am really not the type of person that would usually write one of these but I must say for someone who has been riding for 4 years or more you can definitely always improve and I went into this course big headed and very nervous but you will learn things you just didn't know as John said during the course if it was easy there would be no reason to go through the class.It is challenging but also very rewarding. I actually read some of these reviews before I signed up for this course and I must say for the money you save on insurance it pays for the class. So there is really nothing to lose but a lot to gain in experience and confidence. I took the Clarksville class with John and Deb who are by far some of the best teachers out there,of course you are reading these you see they all say that but these instructors are true professionals and great at what they do.
2013-05-22, 06:12
This was my first time touching a bike, but Joe and Larry made me feel very comfortable right away. This was Larry's first class and I wouldn't have known it had he not told us. Joe is a very experienced rider, and he is very patient and knows how to explain what your doing wrong without killing your confidence, in fact when we messed up he built our confidence back up told us what to adjust and the next time around we did it better. I don't believe I could have been put with better riding coaches. This class fit me well, and on day two I actually wrecked my bike early. I was shaken but Joe and Larry got me back on a bike told me what not to do, and before I knew it leaning and pushing through the curves and swerving we're coming naturally. I can't wait to get me a start out bike and go to a parking lot to continue my training and practice. Joe and Larry gave me the knowledge and safety I need to know I can learn to ride and I can do it safely.
2013-05-20, 03:18
GREAT class! 2 years experienced and still learned tons of useful techniques and riding tips. I plan to take the course again in the future just to hone my riding skills. Both Mr. Jeff Anderson and Mr. Joe Michael are awesome teachers that are both very skilled in riding, so they can effectively lead by example. Just a few thoughts to serve as constructive criticism for the teachers: Personally, I preferred Mr. Anderson's calm approach to teaching, while Mr. Michael came off a little too stern for my liking. Depending on the student, one method would be more effective than the other. But in the end I think that both methods get the job done. Thanks again Mr. Anderson and Mr. Michael, y'all are excellent at what you do!
2013-05-19, 14:46
Great Class with Great instructors! Thanks! Hope,Ian,TJ,John and congrats to Hope! Well deserved for a great job!!
2013-05-05, 18:59
Just took the BRC in Clarksville with Karl and Cheryl! Both fantastic instructors who took me from being scared of riding due to a previous fall while learning to someone excited to be getting back on her bike!! Thank you so much!
2013-05-05, 13:52
I had just completed the basic rider courses in Murfreesboro and I had a GREAT TIME learning from instructors Charles and Joe. These instructors were great and taught me everything that anyone would need to know on how to stay safe on the road. I like how they pushed and corrected everything that was wrong and how they helped you to better handle the motorcycle. Because of these two instructors I have them running thru my mind with how to ride. I enjoyed myself a lot and I did have fun learning from my mistakes, I am going to recommend these two instructors to my friends that are trying to get their motorcycle license. It was worth the money that I paid to learn from these two. In the other hand I LOVED the classes. I am going to take it slow with my motorcycle and to always remember that "Wherever your eyes go the bike goes"... I enjoyed the last two days and later when I am more experienced, I am going to return for the Advance classes and I am going to set up for when Charles and Joe are teaching... THEY ARE THE BEST!!! Thank you so much Charles and Joe.
Jose and Sabrina
2013-04-23, 15:00
WOW! What a wonderful class filled with all the important basic skills for riding and for motorcycle safety. Many Thanks to TJ, Hope and Ian...Teachers that ROCK. Extremely Professional and tons of fun!
2013-04-22, 03:46
i just took the basic rider course here in cookeville.before entering the class i thought this was just something i had to do to get my motorcycle endorsment. the three coachs i had were amazing.they made the class fun,interesting,and a learning experence i will not soon forget.thank you to all three of my riding coachs.
2013-03-17, 18:51
Great class, wonderful caring instructors. I feel significantly more comfortable riding now than at the end of the first day. I learned a lot, and will definitely remember all the important details (always look up!). Thank you TJ, Ian and Hope!
2013-01-06, 17:37
Awesome class!! The instructors were very professional when needed and very fun and enjoyable when needed! Ian and Hope James as well as Gardiner Jones were very helpful I had 0 experience prior to this course and within 2 days my skills were proficient and I had a lot of confidence! I never felt left out or behind due to experience . They taught the class in a way that anybody can learn rather your experienced or not!! Loved this class and my classmates!
Pam Young
2012-12-24, 01:33
My husband and I took the basic rider course together this past weekend. He use to ride many years ago. As for myself...the only thing I knew about a motorcycle was, it had two wheels. Thanks to our instructors, T.J. and Bud, I learned SO much and have a much greater respect for motorcycles. Thanks to these gentlemen, they gave me the knowledge to hopefully share the road one day as a rider. But more than that, they gave me the confidence I lacked in my self. Thank you, T.J and Bud for making our class fun and knowledgeable. I will keep that smile on my face, because I hope to learn something new on every ride!!
2012-11-20, 12:20
GREAT CLASS!!! I just completed (along with my wonderful classmates) the class held in Cookeville this past weekend. T.J., Ian, and Hope did a great job. T.J. I want to thank you for the service you gave our country, and the life lesson you passed on to me.
2012-11-05, 05:19
I just completed the basic rider course in Nashville. TJ and Candy were great instructors both bringing different viewpoints to the approach of riding a motorcycle. The class is a blast and it is impossible to walk away without leaning. Both instructors wanted us to succeed and they made sure we had the knowledge and skills neccisary to do so. I am looking forward to riding more and also attending more classes through this program.
Andy Gerome
2012-10-28, 08:27
I took the Advanced Rider class to gain more confidence on my Honda Shadow 750 and a preliminary to getting my motorcycle license. I had many years of dirt bike riding experience but none "legally" on the street. I was timid about the handling of this much bigger bike, but after completing this Advanced class, I feel much more confident and safer, riding my 750cc bike. The class was exceptional, as well as our instructor, Jeff Anderson. Jeff, explained things slowly and in detail, and made double sure that each one of the students fully understood what we needed to accomplish. The price, time frame and location were perfect for my schedule. I would HIGHLY recommend every rider that wants to ride safer and enjoy riding, take this class. Thank you so much!
Steve Young
2012-10-23, 09:23
I recently took the basic rider class in Cookeville. T.J. and Joe do an amazing job at putting you at ease. I gained a great deal of confidence over the two days of the class. What a great job they both do at covering the basics so that we can be smarter on the road as we educate ourselves. Low five to you all!
Darrin and Lisa Logan
2012-10-15, 08:58
Hello, I took the basic rider course this weekend past (10/13-14) in Murfreesboro at the Blackman HS range with Candy Canerday and Gardiner Jones. I just wanted to say that we had a ball at the class and learned a lot. It was a great start to my motorcycle riding life. The coaches were good coaches and we will remember them when we are riding on our bikes. I felt like they gave us confidence to continue learning and to always Slow, Look Press and Roll on the road. (lol) Thanks for a great class
Jennifer Halenar
2012-10-11, 09:23
Hello, I took the basic rider course two weekends ago in Donelson with TJ and Joe. I just wanted to say that I had a great time at the class and learned a lot. It was a great start to my motorcycle riding life. The coaches were tough and I appreciated that. I felt like they gave me confidence to continue learning and to eventually make it out onto the road as a regular rider, but with caution and serious respect for the dangers that exist to motorcyclists. Thanks for a great class and great instructors.
Jesse Lamb
2012-09-30, 13:17
I completed the basic rider course just today 9-30-12. The instructors were awesome. John Bruce and Lee Gruber. Between the 2 of them they made sure everyone had fun, learned so much, stayed on topic, and most importantly, had the most enjoyable "class" experience I have ever had. The patience, the gentle critique, the willingness to go over and over things. You can really tell these two gentlemen love what they do, and what they do is teach. I am so happy I took the course, and I recommend it to ANYONE!
Tony Todd
2012-09-28, 16:50
My instructors Mike and Ken are excellent . I also talked with Charles. He also is extremely knowledgeable about motorcycle safety.

When I took pilot training, there was a sign at my flight base operations office that stated: "If you think safety is expensive , try an accident." You can also apply this to motorcycle safety training.

Also during flight training I read a book that listed ten things more dangerous than flying. Riding a motorcycle was on that list.

If you consider yourself safety conscience, this course is a must.
2012-09-09, 17:46
I just got finished with the BRC in Columbia, TN with instructor Candy Canerday. It was an extremely well taught class with an excellent teacher. The class was great...we had a good group of people to learn and ride with, and most of all, we had a great instructor. Candy was very knowledgeable and patient, we couldn't have asked for a better instructor. The class was very informative and is a great class for all beginners, and even those that are veteran riders. Again, I have to say that Candy is an EXCELLENT instructor. I would definitely recommend this class to anyone that is wanting to learn how to ride a motorcycle, and even to those that are already riding and haven't taken the class. Thanks for the fun weekend!
Jennifer Steeley
2012-08-28, 19:19
I took the BRC with my 16 yr old daughter and my niece. We came to the class knowing nothing except we wanted to enjoy the freedom of the open road that we have jealously watched others enjoy for years. Candy was our instructor, and for us, having a woman help us gain an understanding and functioning knowledge of the operation of motorcycles, and with a woman rider who obviously has great knowledge and respect for them, helping us learn, we didn't feel so intimidated or nervous. Candy is AMAZING! and I will be sending my other 2 daughters and son to her when the time is right. Great job MTM for finding such a gem as Candy.
2012-08-22, 11:04
Okay, so I had to take the riding part of the course 2 times before I passed, but I am really glad I did! I truly enjoyed my first time with Joe and Jesse as the instructors, and my fellow classmates. (Just not the 100+ degree weather that we all endured!) Both instructors are very knowledgeable and worked hard with the whole class to make sure we all understood the basic dynamics and safety of riding a motorcycle. Although I didn't pass I did understand the importance of what we were taught. Determination to ride sent me back to the course to try again. This time the instructors were Jesse, Kelly, and Dee with another great group of classmates. Although I didn't have to take the complete riding part of the course again, I did anyways. I am happy to say that I passed. I know that I need to continue to improve my skills and would love to take the advance riding course after I get a couple years of riding under my belt. I can't say enough positive things about this course and ALL my instructors. You are a great group of people. Bless you all for your time and patience to help me and others who want to experience the joy of riding a motorcycle!
2012-08-04, 08:31
What a great course! I took the BRC on July 28th-29th and despite the heat I had a great time. T.J was able to turn what would normally be a very boring class portion into a very entertaining experience. Don and Lana were great instructors on the range. They gave clear instruction and constructive critisism when we were off the mark, and enthusiastic encouragement when we got it right. After taking this course I think everyone should take this course if they're considering getting a motorcycle endorsement.
2012-07-25, 09:15
I was so excited about taking this class. After everyone in my family having a bike, I didn't think it could be so hard. After the first day I had a totally different aspect on motorcycles and people who ride them. This class was very knowledgeable! I would recommend it to anyone. Jo and John were great coaches that helped a great deal. They both ride bikes, so therefore they know the inside knowledge as well. I had a great time getting to learn all about bikes, the road and how to ride them. It was a great opportunity!
2012-07-24, 17:02
I took the course on 7-14 & 7-15. I was apprehensive about the course considering I had never been on a motorcycle. But the instructors (Gardiner and Mike) did a great job of teaching how to become familiar with the motorcycle (power walking). Within minutes of sitting on the motorcycle I was riding. Unbelievable. A weekend for beginners is more than enough. The two-day course is very well structured. It's a great combination of hands-on and classroom. Add to the that the riding experiences of Gardiner and Mike and it was a great weekend. I am very confident about riding and I am shopping for my first motorcycle. This is an excellent course.
Don Knighten
2012-07-24, 05:50
I was impressed with the fact that coaches were not only able to provide critique but also could (and were willing to) coach riders on proper technique. It is critical to hear input on how to correct what you are doing wrong and both rider coaches were willing to take the time to assist each rider as an individual with suggestion on how to be a better rider.

Thanks to Will and Candy for their willingness to share experience.
2012-07-23, 08:42
I took the Basic Rider class this weekend and boy was I ever nervous. I have been on or in all kinds of vehicles but always had a passion to ride a motorcycle. Thanks to Mike and Mike I left the weekend still nervous but more comfortable knowing they setup a good foundation and hopefully I can build upon it further. The class was set at the right pace and as we did each exercise I could see everything building upon each other and I felt it all come together just right to allow a beginner to get the hang of it. If anyone is debating or questioning if they can do this sign up now! You will be thankful by the end of the weekend, because things they teach you in there as they mention there are riders who have been doing it for years and don't know these basic techniques. Educate yourself and learn how to be safe on the road. I can't praise both Mike's enough, each of them had a different approach to teaching something so it made each exercise fun and enjoyable. Hopefully if you are in the Murfreesboro classes you come across these two because they were great to work with.
2012-07-16, 04:36
I took the women's only class in Murfressburo with Randy and Ken as the instructors. I was nervous that the class would be patronizing, too cookie-cutter, or not slow enough. I didn't even know what the buttons were for on a bike! To my surprise, the class was just perfect. There were only about ten of us, and that made it so we each had plenty of time to practice. They made it clear how to be safe on the bike and what to be careful for. The instructors even volunteered to help us if we ever needed them outside of class. I couldn't have asked for anything better. I'm so proud of myself for putting myself out there, and learning something I always wanted to learn. I recommend them 100%! (and if all the super excited posts make you nervous, it's just because we are so proud of ourselves, the first thing we want to do is go online and cheer for ourselves).
Leila Turner
2012-07-09, 18:41
I am a 53 year old grandmother of 6 and decided I wanted to learn to ride a motorcycle. So, my dear sweet hubby set me up for the two day BasicRider course. Thanks to Joe and Jesse I (the biggest scary cat ever) am riding a motorcycle! :>) The classroom instruction time was very informative, but the minute I sat on that motorcycle and then lifted my feet was the most amazing experience ever! Joe and Jesse had the patience and knowledge, mixed with lots of fun, smiles, encouragement, safe instructions and constructive criticism to teach me ... yes me ... to ride a motorcycle! If I can do this you can do this!
Jaimy Cooper
2012-07-09, 07:14
I just finished the two day beginners course this weekend. What a great time we had. The instructors were awesome! Ed Brennan and Rick Burkey were very knowledgeable and coached very well. I was very nervous day one but calmed down once I began receiving instructions and coaching from Ed and Rick. This course is well worth the time and money and if you can get Rick or Ed you get even more.
Brandon Smith
2012-06-29, 15:48
I took this course back around the start of June. My teachers were Jeff and "Cowboy" Joe. All I can say regarding the overall experience is "Wow!". This is an amazing class, worth every cent you pay (and more) in my opinion. I had a great time with Jeff and Joe. They made the class fun, but at the same time extremely informative. They were strict if you weren't doing something correctly, but I found their expectations to be confidence-inspiring. Don't take this class expecting to be rubber-stamped on through. You will have to work and prove yourself, but it was such a rewarding experience when all the people in my class passed the exams.

Safety, in all aspects, was their first priority, and the class reflected it. I am going to purchase a bike soon, and I feel prepared for the challenges I will face ahead, thanks to this class and my awesome teachers.
Nicholas Zanoni
2012-06-24, 19:18
Just finished this class about 9 hours ago. It was so much fun! I had Ross and Candice instructing me and they made the exercises fun while teaching us the seriousness of being a rider. I recommend the beginner course for anyone that wants to start riding
Cathy Hillin
2012-06-18, 11:59
Took this class in Murfreesboro and was a nervous wreck...Thank you Ed and Gardiner for not only teaching me so much but for boosting my confidence also!!!
Cindi D
2012-06-18, 07:16
What a wonderful class...I took it in columbia in April ..John Bruce was the teacher I was so scared pryor to the class as i had never driven a bike always just a rider so i really had no clue how to any thing!! John was wonderful..And i was not the only lady there either.So lets get going ladies ..The class was very educational i learned a lot and had a lot of fun also..I now have a bike i waited till after class to purchase so i knew what i needed to look for to fit me not someone elses choice..I will return for more classes down the road...I recomed every one to take theses classes even if you are a seasoned rider there is always room to learn more ..Thanks John :-)
Eddie W. Barnes
2012-06-10, 18:27
What a great class.I took the basic course in Murfreesboro with Jeff and Renita. I hadn't been a motor bike in 35 years before this weekend. The instructors were excellent. I would advise anyone to take this course.
2012-06-10, 14:51
I just finished the Basic Rider Course in Cookeville, TN with TJ and Joe as my instructors. What a great class and wonderful instructors! The course is set up as a crawl, walk, run instruction. I had never been on a bike before and the instructors were encouraging, but strict. They helped build my confidence and corrected me so I could be a safer rider. Every student did great and we all passed, but believe me, we had to do it correctly. I am looking forward to renting a bike to continue my learning so I can buy the right bike. Thanks TJ and Joe.
2012-06-06, 18:24
I had Randy and Ken for the Basic Rider Course in Smyrna. This is a course I would take as soon as possible if you have never been on a motorcycle and are planning on getting one. Having rode dirt bikes helped me with the basic aspects such as balance, turning, and braking, but the real reason this class went smoothly for me was the instructors. They had tremendous knowledge of how to ride and how to teach. This class exceeded all expectations i had for this weekend.
2012-06-04, 18:31
Wow, what an amazing class! I cannot stop gushing about how great this class is to my friends and family! I truly wish everyone who rides would take this course. Many would be surprised by what they would learn.

I had minimal experience with motorcycle riding and I can honestly say that after successfully completing this course that I feel empowered with the knowledge necessary to have a safe, fulfilling, and rewarding riding experience. The focus on safety and the importance of being aware of your surroundings are crucial in having a positive riding experience and after having taken this course, I can say that I feel prepared to hit the road. Ken and Randy are a dynamic duo and their patience was great and allowed the class to relax and learn while having fun. I am so grateful that I got to take the class from these two. Their knowledge base is incredible and they are uncanny about spotting your problem areas. I am incredibly excited about taking the Advanced Rider course after I acclimate to my bike. Hopefully, Randy and Ken will be the instructors.

Thanks guys! Had a great weekend and can't stop gushing about it! :)
Cindy & Paul
2012-05-29, 13:10
We took the class in Smyrna. We both have been off motorcycles for several years. Our instructors Charles and Ken were wonderful. They took time to assit with any issues we had. They were patient. We were put at ease with getting back to riding again thanks to them. We would not trade who our instructors were for nothing. Thanks ever so much guys!
David Lindsey
2012-05-27, 12:33
Just got through finishing the Murfreesboro course and had a blast. The instructors Jimmy and Lana were wonderful. Lana was very nice and reassuring to the more nervous riders taking the course and Jimmy was very strict and meticulous which is exactly what was needed. To anyone thinking of getting a motorcycle I highly recommend this course to help you learn maneuvering skills as its not always straight line riding. I had a blast and in a few years I plan on taking the experienced rider course to further my skills.
Brian Daniels
2012-05-21, 16:23
Very informative & fun class! Robert (Instructor) did a great job explaining the material, providing his knowledge, resources to the group & program very helpful for first timers like us.
Chris Ayotte
2012-05-14, 16:30
I took the class at the Nashville course with T.J. and Randy as my rider coaches. The class was outstanding and helped an "old dirt biker" like myself make the transition to the pavement with confidence. I loved the fact that we rode in spite of the weather, riding in the rain provided a bonus learning experience. Thanks for everything midtenn motorcycle!
Justin L Bennett
2012-05-11, 10:43
I would have to honestly say i really enjoyed taking this class it was a expierence like no other.
My instructors where Wendell & Don, I was blessed in getting them as my instructors, i really believe if it wasnt for them i wouldnt learned all i did.
They made the class fun and safe and u could tell they where passionate about what they where teaching and more passionate about our safety that was there #1 concern even after we left class, they really wanted to make sure we learned all we could in so little time and i thank them for that.
For anyone wanting to get a bike or there license i would recomend taking this class before hand its well worth it and if your lucky u will get Wendell and Don for your Instructors...
Dewayne Peden
2012-04-16, 10:03
My experience with this class was nothing but positive! There were four great instructors TJ, Randy, Ross, and Lana. All of which did their very best to help everyone in the course. I took the course in Nashville and everyone there appeared to have a great time. I learned so much and people who had never ridden a motor cycle were riding excellent by the end of the class. I recommend this class to anyone looking to get on a bike! The friendly and informative atmosphere is well worth the price tag!
Chenequa Neil
2012-04-02, 20:00
I had a great time in this class. Ken and Jeff were both great teachers. Not only did i learn but i had Loads of fun doing it. I was way more comfortable than i expected to be. They made sure we were safe and having a good time. Definitely plan on taking more classes in the future.
L.J. Jackson
2012-03-29, 20:00
OMG!!! I was so glad that I got over my fears of taking this course. Thoughts running through my mind, that I'm too old to start back riding again or wait until I lose some more weight. But I'm so happy I didn't listen. I will be ever so so so grateful to Jeff & Ken, you guys are just simply angels of patience & encouragement. You made me want to do this and not just simply walk away. Jeff I can still hear you literally in my head saying "LJ turn your head" and trust me I carry your voice whispering in my ear when I am out riding. Again you guys are the greatest ever!!! I hope I get to see you again soon.!!! xoxoxoxo
Sara Renee
2012-03-18, 20:00
This class went above and beyond what I expected. Ken & Jeff were patient and knowledgeable (and so much fun!). The exercises at the range were practical and I feel SO much better prepared for getting a bike now. I would and will suggest this class to anyone who is interested in motorcycles. Thank you for offering such a great course!
Orlando Pillow
2012-03-10, 19:00
I took the MSF class in September 2011 because I wanted to re-introduce myself to riding the right way. I am so glad I took the time to get back into riding the correct way. I still have the instructors voices buzzing in my head every time that I ride.
Gary Creighton
2012-03-05, 19:00
The class was a lot of fun and very informative. Not everyone passed the class and that is good to know they don't rubber stamp our certificates. I can't wait to get my bike and take more classes.
2012-03-05, 19:00
Very good program and even though I have several years riding, I picked up a lot of great tips and learned a lot. Ross is a very knowledgeable coach and Candy was very enthusiastic and knowledgeable as well. They did great with teaching the basics to those who have never ridden before and turned them into riders before the end of the course. I can't wait to take the advanced course.
2012-03-04, 19:00
I just took the course this past weekend in Columbia. It was great experience. As a first time rider I now feel confident in the skills that Rick and Jimmy taught me and look forward to building on them. After a while I might take the advanced course! Thanks for a great course and a fun weekend.

Spring Hill, TN
Scott Nelsen
2012-02-24, 19:00
I took the basic riding course with TJ and Gardiner - finishing up our riding test in the rain AND snow! TJ and Gardiner were great rider coaches, making the course fun as well as teaching us everything we need to take riding to the next level.
J D Buckner
2012-02-15, 19:00
I took the basic rider course at Sloan's in Murfreesboro under the direction of Ken and Charles. The course was great and the coaches were exceptional. I really benefited from the instruction and the practice.
Kat Steele
2012-02-15, 19:00
I took the MSF class through Sloan's, and it was amazing!! Ken and Charles were the best teachers I could have ever hoped for. They were patient and caring with every student. Thanks to them I feel confident to ride on the roads!! Thanks again guys love y'all.
Rob Ruzicka
2012-02-08, 19:00
I've been meaning to jump on here and leave a few comments about Mid Tenn Motorcycle's Safety Course. I have been dealing with this group for almost 5 years now....My background is 29 years riding and am currently in sales at a local Harley Davidson shop. This is the BEST class hands down in the state of Tennessee! I refer new and what you would call "Experienced Riders" to my great friends at MidTenn for one reason....Safety! I rely on the professionals to assist my riders and family members at Harley Davidson in a path to safe riding. They are very patient and teach the new rider that has never been on a bike to the guy who thought he knew how to ride a bike but found out he had no clue. You will walk out of the class knowing the basic fundamentals of riding safely and will have enough time on a bike with amazing supervision to feel confident on your first journey. I cannot stress the importance of taking a couple days to complete this course...From a Sales Professionals standpoint....I feel much better knowing that my family is riding safely and I promise you that it will be the best thing you ever do to prepare yourself for the amazing experience of riding your own motorcycle. Thanks MidTenn for a job well done over the last few years and I look forward to having you take care of my riders in the future...Rob Ruzicka
Todd Wilson
2012-01-23, 19:00
I took the advanced course in the fall at the police academy. What a great experience! The coach (Jeff) was incredible. He was patient, extremely knowledgeable and was very good at spotting trouble areas in your skills. I can't say enough good things about my experience. It was a mentally taxing day but it has definitely increased my riding skills and awareness of potential problems. It is the cheapest safety/insurance you could ever buy.

Thanks guys. I will be a regular attendee to maintain my skills!
2012-01-07, 19:00
I had class this weekend with Charles and Ken, and it was a blast! I have been riding a scooter for about 5 years, but I have had trouble working up the courage to learn to ride with a bike with a clutch. It was not as hard as I thought, and the instructors were VERY supportive and encouraging. I considered waiting for a women-only class, but I am glad I didn't – my classmates were respectful and easygoing, and we learned well together.

Now, I just need to figure out where to get those little cones, so I can set up a "weave" on my driveway… :^D
Anne Harrison
2011-12-28, 19:00
Thank you for a great class. Coaches were wonderful and professional. Great experience.
Whisey Taylor
2011-06-25, 20:00
Riding a motorcycle is something I've been talking about for years. I decided that taking the rider course would tell me for sure how interested I really was. I was totally unprepared for what a truly unique and rewarding experience it would be. Charles and Ken were just awesome! They worked hard to see that the class "stayed on the same page". What a wonderful thing to meet 2 people who really love what they do! It showed in every minute of our class. You could tell they were really a "team"!!

I can't say enough how great this weekend was! Now if its a month or a couple of years before I can buy my bike...I know better what to expect and I'll probably be hearing Charles and Ken instructing in my head.... Thanks guys for helping me chase a dream!