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Lynchburg, TN
In the early 1970s on minibikes and dirt bikes. 2000 for serious street
Street bike ... '82 Honda CBX
Best be one of the bikes below or my account's in trouble.
Kawasaki KLR 250, Ninja 650R & Buell Ulysses
Iron Butt certification
Teaching certifications for Introduction to Motorcycling, BRC, ERC, Basic Bike Bonding and Ultra Bike Bonding RiderCourses
Sport touring and weekend bouncing around. And, evidently, riding circles on MSF ranges which I do a lot of.
Route 170 between Lajitas and Presidio along the Rio Grand in TX. Rt 119 Elk River Road in my home state of WV. The twisty ones all over East-TN, West-NC and North GA.
Wow... basically 3 reasons A) to pass along tools to others for motorcycle safety & enjoyment, B) to share a passion of mine and C) selfishly, to keep my skills as sharp as possible and continue my learning.

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