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If you have been wondering if you would like to ride a motorcycle, if you haven’t ridden in a while but ready to get back in and as a bonus get your motorcycle license, or if you have decided motorcycling is for you, this is your course. We teach you the basics of motorcycling beginning with motorcycle controls and work up to successful motorcycle operations including clutch, shifting, turning, and braking.

This is a two-day women’s only class and is designed for women who have never ridden, who feel they may need a little more individual attention, and to provide a non-intimidating environment for women to learn to ride together. While course curriculum is identical to the Basic Rider Course offered co-ed, much more personal attention is devoted to beginner riders. It includes focus on the basics of motorcycle operation including: using the clutch, straight line riding, turning, shifting, stopping and safe riding strategies but in smaller class sizes allowing for individualized attention.

As in the co-ed BRC, successful completion of one of these courses waives the written and driving test portions of your motorcycle driver’s license at the TN Drivers Licensing Testing Station. Call our office for more details at 931-823-7744 or go online to to see schedule for upcoming women’s only classes.

If you are under the age of 18, one of your parents or a legal guardian MUST be present with you on Saturday morning to sign the course waiver with you. If a parent or legal guardian is not with you Saturday morning, you cannot participate.

Classroom portion may be co-ed, but on range exercises will be with female students only.

Motorcycles and helmets are provided for your use during the course. Also, a course completion card is provided to each student good for a motorcycle insurance discount as required by the State of Tennessee.

Who should attend this course?

  • Anyone wondering if you would like to ride a motorcycle
  • Anyone with little or no motorcycling experience who wants the best way to learn to ride a motorcycle
  • Anyone who hasn’t ridden in a while but is ready to get back on the road
  • Motorcycle passengers who are ready to move to the front seat and grab the handlebars
  • Motorcyclists who already ride but need a refresher course and/or a motorcycle license
  • Riders seeking to obtain their basic rider course completion cards in order to obtain an insurance discount as mandated by the State of Tennessee.

What is required to attend this course?

  • A long sleeve shirt or jacket (dress according to the weather)
    Long pants
  • Sturdy over the ankle shoes/boots (not canvas)
  • Full fingered gloves
  • Eye protection if your helmet doesn’t have a shield
  • Ability to balance and ride on a bicycle
  • Must be age 14 or older (14 year olds won’t be able to get their license until their 15th birthday)


Great Ways to take your Women Only Basic Rider Course

Women Only Basic RiderCourse:($299.99):

Taken in a group setting with riders who have varying levels of experience.

Private Basic Rider Course: ($499)

Private1-on-1 Basic Rider Course Class– Enjoy learning to ride a motorcycle at your own pace with your own personal professional Rider Coach trainer. This two-day Basic Rider Course is conducted on a private range and you pick the days for class that work best for you.

Call (931) 823-7744 for more information or to schedule your private class.

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