About Our Program

Motorcycle Safety FoundationThrough different levels of motorcycle training and education programs offered by Mid Tenn Motorcycling Education Center, participants can experience motorcycling or improve their riding skills. The courses are presented in cooperation with the Tennessee State Motorcycle Safety Program and the Motorcycle Safety Foundation.

Successful completion of the Basic RiderCourse (BRC) or Experienced RiderCourse (BRC2) can waive the written and driving portions of the Tennessee Department of Motor Vehicles licensing test. Most insurance companies offer a 10% discount on motorcycle insurance for completion of this course.

RiderCoaches for the program are all experienced motorcycle operators. Each is certified nationally by the Motorcycle Safety Foundation. Our coaches are ready to help you experience the many joys of motorcycling...
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Student Testimonials

Nicholas Zanoni
2012-06-24, 19:18
Just finished this class about 9 hours ago. It was so much fun! I had Ross and Candice instructing me and they made the exercises fun while teaching us the seriousness of being a rider. I recommend the beginner course for anyone that wants to start riding