Asked Questions

Why should I take one of these courses?
First and foremost, in a fun and safe environment you will learn and develop the physical and mental skills needed to safely ride a motorcycle. Upon successful completion, you will receive a DMV licensing skills test waiver certificate. When you take this to the DMV (along with any other necessary documentation), they will waive the written and riding tests. You will also receive a Motorcycle Safety Foundation card, entitling you in Tennessee to a liability insurance discount.
What if I'm only going to ride a scooter?
What happens if I don't pass the knowledge test
What happens if I don't pass the skills test?
Who administers the courses?
Do I automatically pass if I take this class?
What is provided in the courses?
What do I need to bring with me to class?
Do I need any prior motorcycle experience before coming to class?
If I'm under the age of 18, can I take the course?
Do I need to bring a motorcycle to class?
Are there tests in class?
Will I get my license after the class?
Do I need a motorcycle helmet?
Do you share my information provided to take the class?
What is the ``Private Class``?
How long does the course take?
What is a typical class like? (How do things go?) this schedule is subject to change based on weather and facility availability.

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