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What is the Advanced Rider Course?

This is a one-day motorcycle training class taken on your own motorcycle. The riding in this class is fast paced and fun for all motorcycle types. Riders are challenged in a variety of exercises at high and low speeds. You will practice the techniques of cornering, swerving, stopping quickly, and managing traction.

What are the requirements for class?

You need to be comfortable with basic control and operation of your motorcycle before taking this course. You should also feel confident riding in a variety of traffic situations including cornering, stopping quickly, and general maneuvering.

You must possess a valid motorcycle license, a street legal and insured motorcycle that is mechanically safe and sound.

Who are good candidates for this course?

Any motorcyclist with more than 1000 miles on their street legal motorcycle who wants to become a better rider and improve on their existing riding skills.  

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You can read through the handbook and answer all the questions prior to class.
BRC Student Handbook (PDF)

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