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Perfect Instructor

Deb Saunders is the perfect instructor for the Basic Riders Course. I went in with no knowledge and had never ridden a motorcycle before. What I left with was knowledge and experience. She is patient and ensures that everyone is on the same sheet of music.

Don Alley

Deb and John were amazing instructors! I have ridden a bit before but walked away with much needed knowledge and alot more confidence after two days with both of these people. Thank you for caring about and enjoying what you do and your time spent educating those of us with fewer skills. God Bless you both!!!


 I could not have asked for a better experience. Both coaches were patient and took the time to ensure each class member understood and felt comfortable going through each lesson. They enforced the most important parts of the course which were safety and the fundamentals of riding. I encourage anyone who hasn’t taken this course (experienced or not) to do so.


Deb Saunders is the perfect instructor for the Basic Riders Course. I went in with no knowledge and had never ridden a motorcycle before. What I left with was knowledge and experience. She is patient and ensures that everyone is on the same sheet of music.

Lisa Ellison

Just completed the class.  I had the perfect instructor. She explained everything and made the class very interesting. I had never ridden a bike. Now I have knowledge to help me with my riding. Passed with flying colors! Highly recommend this class


I had excellent coaches! I had never sat on a bike before those days, but they made learning so easy! They both were patient, skillful, and knowledgeable. My experience was great and I highly recommend this course to new and experienced riders. They taught me everything I need to know to start riding safety.

Steve Roehm, Nashville Hypnosis

 I hadn’t been on a motorcycle for over 30 years and by the end of the two-day class I was ready to get on the road. The class was well taught. We had riders with varying skills from a veteran rider with many years to a complete novice. By the end of the class you couldn’t tell the difference.

The skills I learned have proven invaluable out on the road. I highly recommend this class to anyone on, or planning to be on a motorcycle.

Well done.

Pam & Coleman

Mother and Son took this course together just this past weekend July 12 & 13th.  Wonderful instructor’s with lots of patience and lots of expertise.  This is a great course for any kind of beginner.


Class was amazing. Learned quite a bit and the coaches  really want to see everyone learn and enjoy motorcycle riding. thanks again and i will be telling everyone about this class and hope they can attend.


I took the class last weekend (21 June – 22 June). I had no experience with motorcycle before I took this class. I was a little nervous at first but my coaches were very good at breaking down information and were able to meet each individual at their experience level. This class is defiantly work taking. Thanks to both instructors.

Michael Heller

I took the Basic Course to get my Motorcycle Endorsement in Clarksville during the class on 6/21-6/22. I went out expecting for it to be just a basic riders course that only covers the basics of riding. That was not the case. There was a lot of riding that taught accident avoidance maneuvers and getting the correct mindset to be prepared for anything that might be able to happen while you are riding.the coaches were a blast and catered their training to each individual person to help everyone be able to adjust and get better. Thank you both for a great weekend and I highly recommend this course for every rider, regardless of skill level. There is something everyone can learn from this course.


Took the 16-17th June in Clarksville. Great instructors,always encouraging and friendly. I live in Nashville and the commute was not bad. Great fun. Hot weather. Super tired. Got my license endorsed for DM on the 18th June 🙂

Macklen Freeman

Just finished the basic course. The coaches  made everyone feel comfortable and at ease. They were extremely knowledgeable and took the time and care necessary for each individual student. I highly recommend taking this class with Mid Tenn. Thanks guys, I had a blast and made some new friends!! 

Terry Shirey

My wife Dawn and I took the class on 10-11 May. I have always wanted to learn to ride and was properly introduced to the basic fundamentals. The coaches met each student at their experience level and took them from that point. Everyone was made to feel comfortable the entire time. When we had bike malfunctions they corrected them in a timely manner so that the student didn’t miss the fundamental being taught. They have the skills to successfully teach the course. My hat is tipped to their ability as riders and instructors. Thank you for a job well done!


I passed the BRC class last weekend May 17 & 18, 2014 in Murfreesboro. The class was great including the instructors.  Both riding coaches were encouraging, patient, and fair. The riding courses were more challenging than I expected. I learned a lot about safety and I’ll be a better rider for taking the class. Thank you Sloans’s Motorcycle’s, and all the sponsors of the program.

Donald Hines

 Learn alot from the class.  Im not going to go on and on, but i will describe everything i learn and appreciate that whole weekend one of the best weekends of my life, which was long over due, but one word describes that weekend….EPIC!!!!! THANK YOU FOR WHAT YOU GUYS DO AND DONE! 

Sean A

I had been debating buying a motorcycle for several years. I had limited experience with dirt bikes. I hadn’t ridden a two wheeled vehicle in over 14 years. I was nervous about taking the class at first but I would highly recommend it now. The environment is very fun and easy to learn in. Again, I would highly recommend this class prior to purchasing a motorcycle. It is a solid investment in your safety and future. 


I have never been on a motorcycle or had any experience shifting a manual transmission, but completing this course gave me the skills and confidence I needed.  The instructors made the weekend a stress free, safe experience for everyone and instilled us all with the knowledge and self confidence to ride. I highly recommend this course to any potential rider.


I took the course the weekend of April 5-6 in Clarksville. I live in Nashville but the drive wasn’t bad. I’ve wanted to learn to ride for a long time and didn’t believe that I could learn how to in two days. By the end of the first four hours, everyone in the class was riding! The instructors were knowledgeable, patient, and friendly, had positive attitudes and were as excited to be teaching as most of the students in the class were to be learning. They made certain that safety was a priority. They also took the time to answer questions, even subject matter that wasn’t part of the course, and to thoroughly explain all techniques. The students in the class ranged from beginners with little to no experience, to experienced riders wanting to know more about proper technique. By the end of the 18 hours we spent together, everyone in the class felt confident. We all passed our tests and are prepared to hit the road! I highly recommend the course to anyone, it is money well spent and will give you the opportunity to meet new and experienced riders.

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